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Excellant programe. Just an afterhtought....

Do the Bermuda Regiment conscripts get Life Jackets?. Or, are they exempt. Will they turn up? Or, will they made to stand in line as the "First WAVE" of defence.

Man I need a double after that. Man you been watching too many MAXWELL Smarts shows.

You forgot about the 'shoe cell phone'.

Gotta run.....the elephants are running to higher ground. Or was that the heinakin. Better make the 'becks' of it while we can. St. Pauli Girls sematary might bee ein 4 a rood ahvakenan............


Were looking for a new server? Um steal waiting!!!!!


whats happening? I have been trying for 2 days to go to the form and can't get there :(


I would imagine that Mike is finding a new server or updating it. Hang in there, your voice is still heard. Call it a 'sabatical' for yourself. Enjoy, rummy...


Mike, if your there, send me an email please. The natives are restless and I do have a few personal emails that I can reply too. I'm sure your busy.




There have been some issues with the hosting company - Mike is working on them and hopes to have service restored very soon. Keep checking back!


Thanks Reality. I figured as much. Like I said, some members think were history but I knew there was some 'glitch'. Take care,



Meantime, a lot of stories are slipping through pretty much unnoticed while everyone watches the cricket. Like this one: http://www.theroyalgazette.com/siftology.royalgazette/Article/article.jsp?articleId=7d738cb3003000d&sectionId=60


Okay - the conspiracy theorists (ie. Me!) have had a field day speculating about how Dr P2 managed to bring down the BS forum!
Miss you guys & girls...


Ya sight ese steal goud Wooks. Dunn vurry, va kummin beck wiff ah vainganse. Dets rite.......


Thanks Reality for bringing it too our attention. With such an increase that is documented, I wonder how many go unreported. This whole department needs to be revamped and some heads role.

Economics play a part, seperation, et al.

Government should be committed too the old St. Brendans. All portfolios are not just up too par.

Next election? Gotta run.... Jumbaliah wants to buy my property...


Is it just me or is the forum knackered and has been for the past week almost?


Miss you all muchly...


It's you Charlie. You said you wanted a break, ya gutt vun, stup kumplannin(:-


Mike's pestering with the hosting copany seems to be paying off and he hopes to have it up & running again very soon.

I noticed this story in the RG: http://www.theroyalgazette.com/siftology.royalgazette/Article/article.jsp?articleId=7d739b33003000c&sectionId=60

A suspended sentence for sexually assaulting two teenaged boys as they slept? What was that magistrate thinking? Surely all victims of sexual assault - male or female - deserve better? That sucks!

Meantime, down under, Sluggo is quite the media favourite, with news headlines devoted to him. His catch today was decribed as Gazelle like... if gazelles weighed 280 pounds...


Tokunbo needs to go back too, where the hell he come from? Spanish Point? Summasat Breedge? Um gattin vaxed. Personally, I think he just wants to get rid of cases on his docket. He confessed, big deal. He should have confessed too me and he would have been dealt with in a 'penal'colony. And if you don't get the 'point' well, I can assure you he would miss it for a while.

Where the hell is The Attorney Colonel?

John Wayne Gaycey is/was no

ah shut up Rummy, knowone listens.................


I'm freakin' out man, I can't cope without an outlet and it seems that this week the whole island has it in for me with incompetence at everyturn :o(


I feel for ya, Charlie C... please do use this as your outlet til the forum is fixed... what's vexing you? Will the promise of bonus karma help?


Update: Mike is in touch with the hosting company, trying to convince them to install appropriate updates so that he can restore the forum without losing a significant number of posts. The alternative would have been to restore a previous backup - this could have been done today but would have lost a couple of weeks of posts. That's way too much wisdom to lose without trying all alternatives.

Meantime, please do post on here... I'm missing the chat!


Hi Reality, et al...

A welcome newbie on the block "Bermuda Talks" is endeavoring to fill the gap, too...




According to "Apache" something has been done successfully. I can't wait for Charlie 'C' too smite me.

Gotta run......Big Chief Mike sadling up, yip yip yip yip yip, next stop..Rummy Pass........


I was starting to think the thought police had showed up and stole rummies lucidity. Good to hear you again.


I reckon the thought police would be no match for our Rummy :-)

Meanwhile, anyone else have any ideas why it took several visits to Australia to source a police boat? http://www.theroyalgazette.com/siftology.royalgazette/Article/article.jsp?articleId=7d73ab330030028&sectionId=60 Don't they have those available somewhere closer to Bermie?


Hey everyone, after much delay, I've finally got the forum running again. Argh, I love computers...


Speaking of police boat, while driving to Hamilton yesterday, I saw 4 police cars by the water at Ferry Reach opposite the airport looking at a police boat being brought up on land for transport somewhere. I said to myself, surely they must have something better to do... well I found out a while later waiting at the gas pump at Blue Hole, one police car was pushing all the traffic to one side, one police car was escorting the boat in front and two cars were escorting in the back. I just stood there and laughed, so did other patrons of the gas station. You would have thought they were moving the Queen Mary or something...


Forgot to mention that the police boat had a center console, so it's not that big.


Hi Mike,
Hope you check your comments and see this. I have a problem with registration at your message board. I never got my email and when I do it over it tells me the message was sent. But my name is at the bottom as a new member, and I even have a profile! I looked all over for some way to tell somebody about this......well, if you see this could you please drop me a note.......I am a Bermudian who has lived in the states for almost 30 years and sometimes I get homesick for ye ole rock.......thanks

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