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Again you crazy moron, you have hit the nail on the head. CBS,NBC,ABC,CNN,FOX, have nothing on you.

Thanks for bringing too our attention, things we take for granted and don't want too talk about.

My hat is off too you, and your fellow explats, yes explats that have made us what we are.

We need a new Governor and may he come from whereever you live in Onion Land and lead us to ..................


.............just for you...............!!!!!!!

PS. Ps. PMS, 'aint that many bad apples, eef u gatt myhy dreeft.


Thanks Rummie. Good work on escaping from rehab. ;-)


Laughed out loud at work at the Front Street Peugeot-Coaster...that's awesome!


Course, there's always the bumper cars.

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