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Now, I don't know who came up with this rasapee, but it sure beets the hell out cookin.

That, oops, this is a classic. Man you gotta be on drugs, even though I know you despise and don't do that crap.

Hell, I'd hate to see your rasapee for Portugese Raid been Soup.

Island Legend

Those chicken wings at the Swizzle really are the best on the island - you'll feel the burn afterwards.


I know I've not been on the forum for a while but why does it always seems down (as in cannot connect to server) or in this case database error. Does it not like me :)

Not blaming you at all Mike, it just seems to not want me to post.

have fun


Hey Marcus - probably cause the cheap host I put the forum on sucks. Its on my list to migrate it before I have to pay for the second year...


Sure enough:

"Database Error
Got error 28 from storage engine"

Those dorks did some library updates without telling me again. Grr. And, I've got real work to do...

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