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Mike, thank you for highlighting one of the most important social issues we can focus on. This is a cycle of abuse that will keep repeating itself and growing unless we ALL step in to stop it. Anyone know which charities are most connected to this in Bermuda?

I don't believe that the phone companies, government and cricketers will take action - but I would love to be proven wrong.


Nice post Michael. A VERY sore subject that the Community tends to avoid.


Thanks Wookie. The number is so disturbing, I thought it was important to bring it up, and remind people that talking about it is a step in the right direction.


Lets hope those challenged in the article do more than just talk. If anyone reading has contacts with those challenged - senior people in IB etc, please pass on the link to this page. In fact, pass it to anyone likely to care.


Plenty of time on my hands Mike - happy to help if I can.


I believe that the Women's Resource Centre helps abused children. It's a place to start.


The WRC are a great resource for women and families - than you for that reminder. They need all the help we can give.


As a grandmother of a sweet little girl killed by her father i agree with you and would be willing to help make changes

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