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There have been some issues with the forum, it'll be back online ASAP.


The hosting provider upgraded PHP and the Simple Machines Forum choked on an ampersand. It took me a day to find it and put things right.


Good points for sure. I think I know the answer! After speaking to someone who spoke to a judge off line, it is simple, the Judge only referees the court case not decides it. The jury decides the outcome. Who is on the jury you ask, well it's your cousin (twice removed of course). Therefore, relatives = walk free. After all, wouldn't we want the same consideration if we were on trial? This place is too small and everyone knows someone who knows the person on trial, it's just the way it is. Also, if you think an Expat would have a fair trial against a Bermudian, think again, it does not work that way, and has been proven time and time again. Ever hear of the man trying to help a woman being bugged by a guy in a bar, by simply asking "are you o.k.?" and got hit with a bottle which ripped open his face? Everyone saw it, but the poor guy lost the court case. Juries in most cases won't convict a local over an Expat, it's just the way it is. Even the judges can't do anything about it. It's disgusting, and the people who sit on the juries only have themselves to blame. These are the same twits who complain that justice is not being served.



You are mostly right about juries. However, in Becky's case, Tekle Mallory's and others, the problem was that the judges didn't let the cases go to juries. They ruled "no case to answer"--in other words, insufficient evidence. In Becky's case, the appeals court found the judge's ruling "astonishing." However, owing to a glitch in Bermuda law, an appeal can't be made on a judge's ruling. Both the SCC and the Privy Council said the matter should be "discussed" immediately. Some, though, appear to be quite happy with the status quo...


Still not seeing any greater sanity in sentencing. It is still ok to beat women in Bermuda apparently.

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