Mm, half a gallon.. how much is that in metric measurements? 2 litres here in Australia is about AUD$2.20, roughly $1.65 in Bermuda money.


add the cost of the milk to the cost of a loaf of bread and apples and you have $20.00 for just a few very basic item


Half a gallon is just under 1.9 litres.

Quick math puts Aussie milk at $1.57 USD per half gallon; or less than 40% of the price here.

Montreal Ex-pat

At a convenience store across the street from my condo I'd pay about $2.39 I think in Montreal for that much milk (the premium kind that is "Pur Filtered" or however and doesn't go bad for like 2 months). So roughly $2.10 Bermuda dollars or so with the exchange the way it is.

About half the price. Go Bermuda!

Raquel Hoshino

Here in Sao Paulo (which is the most expensive city of Brazil), 1 liter costs around R$ 1,32 (US$ 0,54).

To get 1/2 a gallon, you would have to buy 2 liters as there' are no smaller packs. By the way, 2 liters (Us$ 1,08) are more than 1/2 a gallon.


90p or $1.59 US in a London supermarket

Yet Another Limey

Yes, but $4 buys the good stuff that once saw a cow, you can pay less for the reconstituted processed milk with added vegetable fat (yum!)

the "other" bermudian

You all complain about the price of milk, but can you blame the dairy farms on the island for charging a price given that the cows that they are producing the milk from have to feed on a scare commodity... this land which is priced at the ultimate premium! Or maybe you haven't considered how much you make and how little you are being taxed on the Island relative to what you would be making at your home? Stop making a big fuss and suck it up! All that anyone wants to do is complain... it is the constant spreading of negativity that gives our island a bad name!


Once again, let me clear up a misconception. Most people working in Bermuda have the kind of skills that would give them a high salary anywhere. Speaking for myself, I can earn far more elsewhere than in Bermuda. Don't make assumptions about reasons for being in Bermuda or about personal situations. Instead, try chatting on the forum and get a feel for the truth behind the assumptions. Maybe you would be surprised.


And here I thought it was the xenophobia, racism, intolerance, and violence that gave the island a bad name.


I can buy the whole bloody cow at Sam's Club for $9.99! Have you thought of drinking the dried stuff that they lived off of in WW II?


Maybe that's it, a shortage of milkmaids... I'm a skilled handmilker. Wonder if that'll get me a better workpermit?


Here in good old bluenoser country, the same 2 litres will cost you $3.75 CDN. That will come as a suprise to rest of your Canadian readers, but our farmers here are protected by some government sponsored monopoly which allows this to continue.
Forget all the currency exchange rhetoric. Keep in mind we Cannucks pay heavy income tax, so for us lucky individuals in the highest tax bracket, our dollars are worth about 55 cents!
As bad as it is, I own property, got to vote in the last election, and can tell anyone I want to (including the second cousin of the local MP) to pound sand - and they aren't kicking me out! Don't complain about the milk when there are so many other worthy targets of your vents.

Beautiful BC, population 20,000

Just under $1 liter in the 4 l jugs. About the same as gas.


Well, yes, here in Montreal a litre of milk is about $2.00, but we also pay about 50% of our income in assorted federal, provincial and municipal taxes. Bermuda is up around 5% or so? I'll take $4 milk over that any day.


If only it were 5%... there is also the duty on everything you buy, everything you bring into the country (even your old clothes, half-empty bottle of shampoo etc). There's the cost of living. A poky, mouldy and damp 1 bed apartment will cost you upwards of US$3000 a month. A single tomato can cost more than US$2.50. You are unlikely to be allowed to have a car, which is good because mopeds use a lot less of the extortionately priced gas. My favourite, though, the tub of ice cream that cost US$32 or so. And you sure can't buy baked goods like those in Montreal...

Montreal Expat

Phoenix> I do love my Premiere Moison baguettes and chocolate croissants... Why can no bakery in Bermuda make good bread? Is it the moisture or just general incompetence?


Oh Montreal Expat... I am not sure and long since resorted to baking my own, which seems to work fine, although things don't stay as crisp as elsewhere after a day or so. I am not sure about the moisture - I have travelled in South East Asia where the humidity is very high indeed - and their legacy from French colonisation is the amazing bakeries. I reckon Bermuda should be importing bakers from Vietnam or Laos to pass on their secrets.

Proud Bermudian

If you Expats are NOT HAPPY on this island than LEAVE. It's realy that simple.


Yawn! Proud Bermudian, take a look on the site's forum...how about at least employing some originality in your words? Course, the great part is, of those who have commented above, most have either already left or are Bermudian. I live somewhere that milk is less than a quarter the price, sold by people who smile when they sell you groceries.

I did leave, and I don't look back - there's a big world out here, one with better beaches, better houses, better lifestyle...and, definitely, more welcoming people.

Proud Bermudian

My dear...I don't need to to add "some originality" to anything. The facts are the facts. Since you have "moved on" as you say, than why would you dwell on the past.

I'm truly glad that you have found somewhere that you feel welcomed. I hope that it works out for you.


No dwelling, just appreciating what I've got :-)

Just curious, what's to be proud of about being Bermudian? Surely it is just an accident of birth what country you come from? Can you take pride over something you have no control over (OK, off topic, but I am always curious about the nationalistic thing from any country, not just Bermuda - people being proud about the chance that they happened to be born on a particular piece of land. Does it make a person somehow better than the one who happened to be born in, say, Ethiopia or Nicaragua?)

Bill Akin

Dunkley's is a monopoly, has been for generations. You buy what they sell at their price or do without.


That's it! I can't take it any more...

The same milk is now $4.15. I hate 2%, but I'm switching to Bermuda Creamery/Marketplace milk at $4.69 per gallon.

Shops @ Tesco

Tesco Whole Milk 1.136ltr/2 PintsProduct: £0.53p = $0.92


Oooh, Tesco... if only they had a Tesco in Bermuda. Going into Tesco when you are used to the Market Place etc is like entering paradise.

Local boyz

I love Bermuda ... Machetes are cheap and easy to find... got mine down the road from the Over-revving Yamaha and oversize white tee shirt shop... Love riding side saddle at 75 kph down Middle Road with my tee shirt billowing and gold chains flowing. You'll see me.


Start buying that Marketplace and maybe Dunkley's will see a cut in their profits and will drop prices to compete... Competition is usually a good thing..


found a new all time high on the price of milk $4.45 per half gallon at Maxi Mart!!!!


That's outrageous! I'm starting to wonder what they're feeding those cows...

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