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Renee Webb and Jennifer Smith, Mud wrestling,who'd you back to win?


Anyone who has to bring a knife to a fight is a coward and can't fight anyways, leave your toys at home kids. The way I see it if you have a machete and you are swinging it, you are off balanced and disadvantaged in a fight. Clearly the big swinging motion leaves you open for attack to anyone who can fight. On a side note, the people who bring machete's to football games are girly men. Their pant's hang down low so their buddies can bang them. They are so dumb they don't even know that wearing their pant's low originated in jail as a sign that they were available to other men. Pull up your pants kids before someone has their way with you.


Ha! I never knew that. It does seem to me that (and I know Im going to sound old-fashioned here) there is a need for discipline in the lives of many young men. Through this, I believe they would learn more self-respect, and be less likely to commit acts of violence.

It would be good to see more positive male role models being given credit. Usually we see mostly negative messages about men in the media, or the wrong guys being treated as heroes. To any guys reading this who have EARNED a good lifestyle, please, remember to take time out with young male relatives and neighbours. Show that it can be done.

Island Legend

Saw this article on BBC online, seems soccer training is given much of the credit for reducing crime and integrating diffrent races on what was once the UK's most notorious housing estate. Seems the discipline - and time involved - has kept a lot of kids out of trouble. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4308018.stm

True Bermudian and never racist

i would just like to say that there is no need to be dissing the way the bermudian young males dress, and sterotyping them due to their outfits. i want to point out to you that you are very right about our government but not about the people...so stop dissin...the only reason why the young males are like the way they are is bc the government doesnt provide any activities or a place to go to just chill...look at it!!! where can they go besides the streets and dont say just stay home because wake up...u no that they arent going to do that...so dissing the bermudian community for who they are is disgusting....

Island Legend

What activities would you like to see provided, True Bermudian? I like the idea of formal fighting with disciplined training, or other sports that people can get involved in. I know fighting is not for everybody but I think people feel less angry with some kind of physical activity to use as an outlet.It sure helped me growing up.

Emily Lane

I believe they call such violence, football hooliganism in Britain. In Canada they call it a riot. The infamous "Stanley Cup riot" broke out in downtown Vancouver on June 14, 1994, after the Vancouver Canucks lost the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final to the New York Rangers. Tens of thousands of hockey fans took to the streets, and violence erupted. More than 500 police officers armed with batons, shields and tear gas battled looters and rioters in downtown Vancouver for much of the night. The riot cost an estimated $1,156,365.


That is just SO typical of so many Bermudians who expect to have life served to them on a silver platter True Bermudian. It is true that a government should attempt to curb violence and violent behaviour, but it is FAR from being the government's fault if a young person resorts to violence of any kind. There are far more people that can be accurately 'blamed' for the violent behaviour of today's youth but when it comes down to it - everyone has a choice as to how they behave. Some people don't know any better through psychological instability but that is just a very slim section of the population - and I'm embarrased to realise that you actually believe what you are saying about it being the government's fault. There is so much to do in Bermuda that youth can get involved in - and yeah - some people could do with staying at home with the families once in a while!!!

I will agree with the negative stereotyping of young Bermudian men based on how they dress. Dress is as much a cultural thing as anything - like why do all yuppie white guys wear flip flops and docksiders - do they all walk do and from their boats every day?? I don't think so!!


This isn't just a problem in Bda, it's a world wide problem. It's more noticeable in Bda cos of the island's size and ever increasing poverty level among the less educated Bermudians. They're angry, frustrated and frightened. Give these kids a good education and a goal in life worth striving for. A bit of light at the end of the tunnel. As it is, they don't know any better. All they're hearing is the Expats and white Bermudians
are taking our jobs so lets get rid of them. Chicago slums mentallity. Bermudas future lies in education.


Well Oi812, from what I gather you're definately wrong.

"Their pant's hang down low so their buddies can bang them. They are so dumb they don't even know that wearing their pant's low originated in jail as a sign that they were available to other men"

True, their pants do hang low, but as you can tell THE ONLY reason why they are low and the style caught on was because there is only one size in prison and most of the time the criminals don't care how they dress, they're in prison haha, but yah just wanted to point out that you're wrong. And yes there are many things to do in Bermuda, just not suited to the machete weilding "thugs", they have there rights too you know!

rude youth

Oi812 - You need your face stood on.
bdabye - What kinda fassy flex you on?

To the ass that feels the government has nothing to do with increase of violence you are a focking fool.


Firstly, this needs to be an open and respectful debate, there is no reason that we cannot express our opinions without getting offened and rude with each other. Calling names and swearing is childish and uneccaptable we need to act like adults. This is the same reason the Alex Scott and TonyB are having this big racial conflict. We need to share our views respectfully remember that we all have the right to feel and say what we want, it's the way we say it that makes the difference. I'd also like to add that yes young black men( because I know that , that is who you are reffering to need to dress more professionaly and need to drop the prision mindset, and no I do not believe that government is to blame for violence In our community we need to take responcibility for ourselves. Everytime we as black people get into trouble we wanna blame someone else instead of dealing with our own problems. You want something to do go and volunteer at a homeless shelter or old folkes home( i'm sure your saying F no) do something for someone else instead of thinking about yourself. And all this racism needs to stop no I don't like expats not because their mostly white but because they are taking away from the able bodied bermudaians that we have here that can do the same job that they are doing. The leave their countries(where they are already prosperous) and come here to take away from bermudians studing abroad to so the same job.And the fact that most of them are privilaged white people already doesn't make it any better. And white people before you wanna call black bermudians bitter take a second to look from your nice neighborhood and big ole' house and see were most black people are and try to understand the oppression that you as a people have been putting on us since the slavery days, and try to understand that we just want to make it in this life esspecially on this island the same way that you are. However,I am a privileged black person I am very blessed with two educated parents with very good jobs, but I can feel the same oppression as the rest of my people when it comes trying to get jobs in Bermuda and getting my life started. My whole point is that us as people need to stop for one minute and just take a walk in each others shoes try to appreciate each other as just people and not races, besides were all running the same race(that's cute). In the words of Rodney King "can't we all just get along." and sweety that word is spelled with a U not an O.

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