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But surely they were ENTITLED to park there?

The Limey

Maybe he had a stutter?

(If you don't understand, you need to watch more HBO on a Sunday evening.)

haha...thats just down the road from were i stay...that actually happens alot...bikes even park in the car zones too...

random bermudian

Hey, thats MY bike!


Thats the Crawl gas station lot, and everyone parks there mate...so just a tip...make sure you know your info before you spew it.


And once, everybody thought the earth was flat. Doesn't mean they were right... (but no, everyone doesn't park in the disabled bay)


I concur....I stay down that way and everytime I go to the gas station at least someone has parked their...but it doesn't matter because in "Reality" like you've just said, no disabled person has parked their...so its ok to park there...

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