Cricket isn't all that boring, not off the field that is! As a sports cond. trainer/physio for cricket in another country, I was in Ireland when your boys qualified. Give em some credit. They worked hard in all sorts of ways! Hmmn, money in cricket, in Bermuda? Whose kidding who? You think that 11m. goes on wages? And as for someone wanting to be the next Shayne Warne? Poor demented child.... :-)One thing though, being a 'player' on tour is not all bad it seems. As the only female being amongst 250+ cricketers on a tour...lets just say this, I witnessed how hard they play! From the words of a couple of Bermudians:What goes on tour, stays on tour. And to those girls who find cricketers facinating? Be prepared to SHARE them around! :-)

Bay 13

Well, OK, at the MCG its an excuse for 5 straight days of drinking (3 to beat the poms and 2 to celebrate).

As for Warney, his problems with text messages must surely make him a future premier.

Still, $11 million...


Ha! Ha! You think Warney stuck to text messages only??? ...which probably makes him an even better candidate for greater things to come. Or more *interesting* things at least!

As some would also say, it all adds to game ;-)

As for 11 million, I think it's great that a country wants to invest in cricket, but I am biased of course. And jealous. Where I am, we are struggling to keep cricket alive & need to import 'coach/players' who actually are there to win the tournament for certain clubs & to make it look as though cricket is alive & kicking. But hey, at least I get to see one or two reasonable players in action each year.

Russell Richardson

The persons that wrot the article and responded must have blinder on as they can only see the bad in cricket.
Talk about Sir. Donald, Sir. Gary, Sir Viv and see what cricket has done for them and their families.


RR, Hey just trying to point out that if one cannot appreciate what goes on field,(it does take some intelligence y'know:-), then one can appreciate what goes on off field & around it.

For those who think cricket is dead & dreary? Seems like you wont have a choice but to like it with the cash they are pumping into it! It will be ramed down your throats. But don't worry...cricket does grow on you.

BTW Waugh's surely to be next in line on your 'Sir' list of legends.

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