Keep highlighting this issue, we'll forgive the serious tone on the site if it helps to get one more sicko convicted and put away for more than a few weeks.


Please do keep highlighting this problem. I have a daughter that, knowing that this particular individual is free, I am nervous about letting out on her own. This individual will now work on another way to get what he wants. Sexual predators do not reform.

Island Legend

Sigh, thank you!


Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments on this site. It has been easier to "move on" and try and put this all behind me. I am grateful to Mike for continuing to highlight this issue!

Soi Nana

One of the papers should reprint/adapt this and the other 'Breaking the Silence' article. The whole of Bermuda needs to be reading and thinking about this topic.

Disgusted, as usual

There is absolutely no excuse for this. At some point, one does wonder what some people in Bermuda are thinking--or not.


Include expats on juries. Being judged by a jury of your peers is fine, except when they all know each other.

I'd happily serve.

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