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The Bermuda version of traffic light colours

Green- full gas
Yellow- decoration
Red- just a suggestion.


This is all crap!

Everybody knows all of these answers depend on the circumstances involved.

#1 Which roundabout, and what time of day?
#2 What are you drinking? Mixed or straight?
#3 Which way was she driving… up de country or dawn?
#4 Car or bike? (you wouldn’t be blocking an intersection much with a bike)
#5 See above.
#6 Which lights? THE Stop Lights? Or the other traffic lights? What time of day?
#7 Everybody knows the recommended speed. This was just a trick question.
#8 Depends on which way it is turned (by them byes that hang ther)
#9 Has he got any Ace boys nearby? Where is his vehicle if any?
#10 Any leg in the back seat?
#11 Define ‘helmet’
#12 ‘d’ (if it’s a white person asking) ‘c’ (if it’s a black person asking)

And I don’t stand in no line no 3 hours neither. My Aunty works ther, and she hooks me up.

Island Legend

Slowhand, I'm delighted to tel you that you have passed your test, love those answers and that attitude.


They almost chucked me out of the library I was laughing so much. :-)

STOP!!! ...just a 'suggestion'

Geeze is the speed limit really only 35km/hr? that's what I do down my driveway!

Dr.Hvac (An AirCare Flyaway)

Firstly, I must give credit where credit is due, whoever made the law that you must have a return air ticket off the island of Bermudatraz is the MAN! Because I would have had a hell of a swim; as I would not have waited to get off that endless 26 mile island once I found out what it was all about! With that said. The only reason ex-pat's give way when approaching a roundabout, is because they have no Ball's! Reason being, after 3 months you have to give your right nut to take your written test. Then "if you know someone" to "payoff" that works @ TCD, you must turn over your first born & give your left nut; then and only then, you can take the road test. Oh ya, don't forget this is by appointment only & bring lots of cash, because what your friend @ TCD and your driving instructor dosn't get from you; TCD will for your license fee's. Good Luck! Your gonna need it! I'll be seeing you on your scooter, until you have a license to drive a 175 Harley!
P.S. A hint for success! When you are parallel parking and your driving instructor clicks his stop watch, he's not timing how long it takes you to park; he's timing how long it takes you to give him CASH! Your Welcome!


And there's me thinking a flash of cleavage would be enough. Better start saving.

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