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Despite this being not a true incident.............it sure wouldn't suprise if this were true on this island.

V. M. Smith - webmaster

The best commedy is based on truth. So are the best lies...

Miss Manners

Darned rude, those BA people. And so they should be turned away, they don't even look like Renee.

Real Berudian

I think that ex-pats need to stop complaining about Bermuda and satart appriciating here, you could go back to were you came from instead of taking advantange of our economy and then trash talkin'it. I mean why go through the frustration of work permits and immigration if you can't stand the country and the culture. Ruin someone elses country and take their jobs and housing.

Real Espat

It's clire that we nide to stop complaining about Bermuda and satart appriciating here.
I 'm going to start rite now.


Thanks Real Espat for giving me the best laugh in a long time!


You people are definately lacking something in your life...oh wait...i know what it is..it's money...that's why u stay her so long cause its CLEAR u don't liek it here. You were poor as ASS back home so u don't wnat to leave

Tmara Fubler

I think all you Bermudians need to stop making your complaints and take a joke. I think its great that Bermuda's being made fun of, its about time somebody chose to do it.

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