A comment to my beloved berumda...
were does one begin. first, i lived in and on bermuda for 3 and a half years...that was on a seven year. What did you say??? I said on a seven. I was arrested at the airport carring more then 7 pounds of jamican herb. what a crime, huh??
let me tell you it gave me a differnet perspective on bermuda then most even could imagine. And yes, i would have to agree, bermuda sucks!!!!!!
I jguess i can't say that, they did treat me very kind....If there was ever a plac to get locked up, it was bermuda.
though i do have to say, bermudians are some stupid and gulible people.
awake i say, awke you stupid people and see the light....
nobody knows your out there. you are as forgotten as the lost people of Atlantis.....

Sole' Smith

I think that this web site contradicts itself. How can you be so critical towards Bermudians as far as our mannerisms and basically our lifestyle whenm you took the time out of your life to dedicate a web site that might I add has to be updated and say such horrible things about this beautiful country. What about America? A country that has serial killers and is basically worse off. I am not denying that there are not ignorant people in Bermuda but there are ignorant people all around the world. You have children in Africa that are forced by tribal leaders to kill. Do you have a web site posting the injustice acts? NO What about the millions of kids that go missing in America? What about the dozens of suicide bommers in Iraq that kill hundreds of innocent people each day. It hurts my soul as a fellow human being that you could put so much emphasis on minor issues when there are so much other bigger issues that effect not just you but the whole world. I pray that the Lord forgives you and that you family is not shamed by your rudeness. Remember Bermuda is known for their good manners where as America is known for being racist. Look back into history when their was slavery and you will see what you hatred blinds you so foolishly with.

V. M. Smith - webmaster

Racism and Domestic Violence are a mannerism or lifestyle? Not in my books!

This is not a minor issue, and it does "effect" me here. By speaking out in condemnation of it I will add my voice to those in this society who recognize it is not acceptable.

I agree there are a lot of problems in the world. I can't change them all, but I'm trying to tackle some of the problems I see in this place, which I too call home.

VMS - webmaster

P.S. - the reason I haven't updated this site since Monday is that I want the emphasize the importance of the "BREAKING THE SILENCE" editorial. Don't worry, there's a lot more to come...

Good on ya what you're saying needs to be said - whether it gets addressed is of ocurse another thing


America was not the only country in the world to ever have slavery.. and to base that as a reason to call America 'racist' is just ignorant.. read up

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