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Here's a lot of good information, written by the Bermuda Police Service:


Dr.Hvac (An AirCare Flyaway)

I don't know if it was you that got $800 fine or 80 days jail for the marijane
but I would be willing to bet when "Big Time Dope Dealing Ex-pat Reefer Man" went to court he forgot to say:
Goodaftanoon Judge;
and couldn’t say "My Aunty works hea Judge and she saiz you would hook me up cause ya knoa man, I give the bitch exactly what she deserved!" and you know why moped man can't afford a fine? Because he only shows up at work 3 day's out of each week; the selected weeks he wants to work!
Reason being its tuff juggling dope dealing, football and cricket around a job, work can wait as immigration will protect his job, but you know that "Big Time Dope Dealing Ex-pat Reefer Man" is getting tossed off the island!

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